Sometimes, we have done things for so long that we can't really remember for sure why we started them in the first place. I was reflecting upon the reasons why I have worked relentlessly over the past 10 years to position myself as a pre-eminent ADHD expert in my community. It wasn't really for the fame, the money, the authority status, or the fact that you attract more new patient, get to select who you want to work with and get more high quality referrals. It wasn't any of those things, although they have been welcomed by-products of the process.

Three days ago, a comment left on one of my You Tube videos reminded me of why I wanted to be "out-there". As Pat Gentempo so correctly reminds us, it wasn't because I needed it, but because they needed me…


 If you went into chiropractic "to save lives" – if those three words do actually mean something to you and are not just a tag line to make you feel important – and find yourself a few years down the road treating joints and back, then it is time to re-spark your passion, rekindle the flame, find a new direction and new meaning.

There are millions of parents out-there that are looking for effective options for their ADHD children, but haven't found any so that resorted to using dangerous psychostimulant drugs.

Are you ready to raise your bar an become their trusted brain wellness advisor?

Then, the A.W.E Mentoring Experience is for you.

Please share with others, it's time our great profession claims the position it deserves in our communities

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