I want to join your AWE Mentoring Experience today because I am sick and tired of just being a number in the spine-based market. I want to become a prestigious Brain Wellness Expert, make a tremendous difference in the lives of the families in my community, step up to serve these children that need us so much, create a prestigious reputation for myself and finally get the success I deserve in practice.

I understand that by joining the AWE Mentoring Experience, I get access to the following:

9 High Value Content Modules Hosted by Yannick – these modules delivered over a 3 months period will teach me the turnkey, step-by-step process that I need to become a brain wellness expert and launch my ADHD / Brain Wellness program in no time

9 Comprehensive Roadmaps and Checklists that help me implement what I learned immediately and easily so that I can move forward quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Quickstart Guide – so that I know where I need to start, what to do first and how to go about reaping the highest benefits from the program

Weekly Live Q&A Calls Directly with Yannick – where I can get my most pressing questions and problems solved, share my successes and brainstorm my application of the material. I get access to 12 months of weekly support through these calls and emails.

Access to the AWE Expert Vault – where I can literally “steal” all of Yannick’s clinical, educational, business and marketing documents and procedures. Everything branded to my name and clinic.

Access to the Brainstorming and Mastermind Forum – where I can meet and network with like-minded individuals who are part of this new movement. I can mastermind, ask questions, share resources, and compare results.

Plus All the Extra Bonuses offered during the “8 Steps to More PEP” webinar

Accountability system – to ensure that I get things done ($47 value)

Three months of AWE Monthly – to stay at the top of my game ($147 USD value)

Virtual Worker Co-Op program access – to ensure my peace-of-mind outsourcing (invaluable)

Free LIFETIME listing on www.unritalinsolution.com – If I am part of the first 100 doctors to join AWE ($97 per year value)

One private, one-on-one, 30 minutes coaching session with Yannick – If I am part of the first 20 doctors to join ($175 value)


I have to tell you that I have done a lot of seminars, workshops, training programs, coaching over the last 11 years and yours is definitely the most organized, thorough and well thought out program I have ever participated in. I love the guidance that you provide and love the ease of the checklists to know what to complete and what steps to take. Thank you.

Dr. Shaelyn Osborn

I love this brain-balancing program--thinking about what it can do for so many kids and families who currently have nowhere to turn just gives me Goosebumps. Thank you again for putting this together and being so generous with your time, ideas, and knowledge.

I think the only way this program could be improved would be to have a direct brain transplant - although that was pretty close. Thanks!"

Dr. Lois Flemming

Dr. Pauli's AWE program is absolutely outstanding. The content, the way it's all organized, the treatment protocol, support, coaching, everything is top notch. And the program is fuelled by Yannick's passion and integrity. It's an invaluable addition to my practice, the fulfillment of my mission and to my business. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Tony Sandorfi

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