Watch the entire video to know exactly what the Mentoring Experience will do for you within 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months and 1 year.

Why Become an Expert?

If you are like many of the chiropractors I talk to you're probably getting sick and tired:

  • Of the constant struggle to get new patients
  • Of patients who do not complete the entire care plan you recommended
  • Of being seen as a second-rate health care professional

I could go on. But I don't want to add oil to the fire.

It's ok if you feel like that. It's not your fault.

I did not exactly have a great practice either when I got started in 1999, despite the fact that I had some pretty good credentials. I served as a chiropractic consultant to the World Health Organization, I published scientific research, I participated in the development of subluxation-based clinical guidelines and I was even awarded the Chiropractor of the Year 2004 Award by one of the two biggest international chiropractic organizations.

But I still struggled. Until one day, a receptionist at the local university hospital said something that made me realized that I had been going at chiropractic the wrong way. I totally changed my approach and things started to boom.

That fateful day, I realized that, like many of my patients, I had been treating the symptoms of my problem instead of going at the cause. Once I launched the system and strategy I am sharing with you in the ADHD Wellness Expert Mentoring Experience, almost all my symptoms – the NP roller coaster, having to sell my care, patients not completing their entire plan of care, my poor PVA, being seen as "back/spine" commodity, not receiving referrals from other health care professionals – disappeared.

You see, I struggled because I was what I call a "spine first general practitioner". An undifferentiated practitioner lost in the plethora of other practitioners working with the spine. I was just a commodity. When I realized that and consciously decided that I was going to stop that madness and start positioning myself as a "brain first" expert, everything started to change.

I got so many New Patients in my ADHD Wellness Program that I started to have a 2-3 months waiting list. Patient started to complete their entire plan of care. My PVA and case average value tripled. I did not need to convince people they needed my care anymore, they were just eager to start. I started seeing tons of children. Other health care professionals and even MDs started referring. And I even started to attract people from other countries. The press interviewed me, associations of parents asked me to speak to them, I went on TV, and one patient even dedicated two chapters of her book to my work.

It took me several years and tons of trials and errors to perfect the system, but today, in just three months, YOU can start transforming part of your practice by adding my turnkey, efficient and profitable ADHD Wellness Program to your services. It will not only boost your practice, but it will also position you as the only trusted advisor and brain wellness expert in your community. You will become a beacon of hopes for hundreds of desperate families.

After benefitting from this approach for several years and helping more than 600 children with ADHD, dyslexia and autism, I have decided to step up and create a new vision for myself. My vision is to position chiropractic and chiropractors as the only viable option for these children. But I cannot do it alone and I will need hundreds, if not thousands of people like you, properly trained, to take great care of all the eager parents who are looking for the help their children deserve. This is why I have decided to give you the keys to my entire, complete blueprint so that you can quickly and easily recreate the exact same system that I am using for my successful ADHD Wellness Program in your own practice. The ADHD Wellness Expert Mentoring Experience will give you the knowledge and certainty to get amazing results in a population of patients who have very often lost all hope. But more than that, it will give you the strategies to become a trusted expert and advisor in your community.

What They Say About Dr. Yannick Pauli

"Yannick is a kind of Renaissance Man. He does whatever it takes to pursue his commitment to chiropractic. Beyond his political engagement and ably representing subluxation-based, wellness chiropractic at the World Health Organization, he has published scientific research on dyslexia, attention deficit and chiropractic. He is sharing his knowledge and experience in these areas by mentoring fellow chiropractors."

Christopher Kent, DC, JD

"Dr. Yannick Pauli is a brilliant leader in the chiropractic profession. He not only has a broad vision for assisting chiropractors to participate in growing healthier, happier and more resourceful individuals, families and communities, but has the tools to bring this into fruition. One of his passions is in working with focus-challenged children and has shown powerful results in these young people. His ability to create Reorganizational strategies for these groups through education, research and communications is exceptional."

Donald Epstein, DC

"Yannick Pauli is a brilliant clinician and researcher whose time has arrived. Hidden from the rest of us in his Swiss clinic, he has created systems of care for some of the most disadvantaged children and their families. His commitment to the principles of chiropractic and natural healing combined with his ability to teach and train others have allowed him to explore these new frontiers. The time has come for us to be inspired and to listen to this man's message."

David Fletcher, DC

Training Content

This image is a graphical representation of the extent of the content. The course is delivered digitally via a protected, member-only area of our website. You do not actually get a physical product. You get INSTANT access to the Mentoring Experience when you join.


The ADHD Wellness Expert Mentoring Experience is made up of Four Powerful Components that will guarantee your success:

  • AWE Training — composed of 8 core modules and one bonus module
  • AWE Mentoring — 12 months of weekly mentoring calls
  • AWE Vault — all the resources you need done for you
  • AWE Community — be part of a movement designed to make a difference




Whether you are just starting in practice or are a seasoned clinician, I will walk you step-by-step through the 8 fundamental skills you need to master to become a Brain First Expert.

The ADHD Wellness Expert Training is not an information dump. It is an action-based, step-by-step, turnkey curriculum that integrates principles of instructional design and androgogy, thereby ensuring that you quickly master the information and act upon it.

The Training is composed of 8 Modules, delivered over a 10-weeks period.


Click on the Picture to Open the Syllabus



Module 1
Embodying the AWE Inner Game

Our chiropractic training and the prevalent culture have wired you to become this spine first general practitioner. So the first thing that we need to do is to use the power of brain plasticity and of your mind to bring about a major shift in your mindset. Since becoming a maven or expert is as much about being than it is about knowing, you need to embody the Maven Inner Game. Everything starts with psychology and mindset.


Once you have completed this module, you will:

  • Develop the mindset that will catapult your reputation in your community
  • Master the 12 Principles that will make your competition irrelevant
  • Discover the amazing Inner Game Success Ritual that changed my life

Module 2
Mastering the Science of ADHD

With the advent of Internet, parents often time know more about their child's condition than most health care professionals. They will only trust you if they know that you know what you are talking about and that you care about them. So you need to master the science and speak the language of ADHD.


Once you have completed this module, you will:

  • Have an understanding of ADHD that will make any medical doctor pale compared to you.
  • Master a way to educate your patients and lay public about the limitations of medicine that will instantly make you the only viable option.
  • Be ready to do your first ADHD Lay Lecture with content that will blow your audience away and make them want to take an appointment right away.

Module 3
Understanding the ADHD Child

ADHD impacts the life of a child and his family in ways that go beyond the appreciation of the majority of doctors. Moreover, the ADHD child and his unevenness of skills baffles health care professional, educators, teachers and parents alike. By understanding the ADHD child to a greater depth and being able to explain the big picture, you're automatically perceived as the right person to help. In order to do that, you need to precisely understand how the ADHD child is different from other children.


Once you have completed this module, you will:

  • Have learned to understand ADHD so well that, when you talk about it, parents are convinced you are talking about their child. They will choose you as their trusted advisor.
  • Be able to share with your community the true causes of ADHD and become a beacon of hope for hundreds, if not thousands of families, bringing a constant stream of eager, targeted new patients
  • Discover the simple dynamics of human behaviour and how to bring to light the genius that lies in even the most beaten-down ADHD child, positioning yourself as their health coach for years to come.

Module 4
Producing Your AWE Blueprint

The majority of health care professionals only treat the symptoms of ADHD, either by prescribing a drug or natural remedies. They follow a cookbook approach. It is evident why. There are so many factors involved that it is easy to get lost. Don't be like them. Thanks to my structured, guided, step-by-step "14 Keys to Overcoming ADHD Naturally" system, you will have the certainty you need to help even the most severe cases other practitioners don't even want to accept.


Once you have completed this module, you will:

  • Be ready to position yourself as the only practitioner offering a truly organized, holistic and natural approach that take into account the body and the brain, and that truly corrects the causes and not merely attempts to treat symptoms with remedies.
  • Have a clear clinical Proven Blueprint that tells you where to start, what to do and in which sequence, and when to stop. This is the same Blueprint I use to successfully treat to this day close to 600 children with neurobehavioral disorders.
  • Have in your hand an advanced PowerPoint Lecture that will position you as the voice of reason on ADHD and open you the door of referral from other health care providers and even medical doctors.

Module 5
Mastering History and Clinical Exam

Ever tried to convince parents that the cause of their child's ADHD is to be found in their spine? Sure, you'll reluctantly convert a few with some hard sales, some scare tactics or even by begging them. Shift your approach from spine to brain and watch them beg you to become your patient and drive by countless other chiropractors and therapists to come just see you.


Once you have completed this module, you will:

  • Master history taking and clinical exam that will not only give you the information you need to help that child but also leave the parents jaw-dropped as they think "no one has ever done those exams before!". Parents will refer other parents through word-of-mouth by just having gone through the first evaluation.
  • Discover the "show and tell" educational strategy that I use during my history and clinical exam that makes any selling superfluous during the Report-of-Findings.
  • Know what to say and not to say during your history and clinical exam so that parents know deep down that you're the trusted doctor they have always been looking for, for their child and for themselves!

Module 6
Mastering Clinical Management and Communication

Whether you want to keep doing what you do and use powerful add-on strategies that will boost your clinical results or whether you want to create a full-blown ADHD Wellness Program like I have in my clinic, this module is your dream come true. Don't reinvent the wheel. Just plug-in my time-tested clinical protocols and you're on your way to success.


Once you have completed this module, you will:

  • Know how to correct little known neurological interference patterns frequently found in ADHD and how to tweak your current adjusting to make it neurological rather than biomechanical.
  • Have at your fingertips ultra-effective, customizable clinical protocols that you just "plug-in" the child's care plan; those blueprints transform you in an instant expert of functional neurology and functional medicine, without years of additional training required.
  • Get consistent results and give you the clinical confidence to predictably change people's lives for the better.

Module 7
Implementing Your ADHD Turnkey Business System

How would you like to walk onboard of a plane whose pilot has forgotten his security checklist and tries to do it out of the top of his head? Scary, isn't it? Well, why would the care of your patient deserve a lower standard? Business and clinical management systems are essential to over-deliver on your promise anytime, every time, all the time and do so in a turnkey and low stress fashion. This module is all about that.


Once you have completed this module, you will:

  • Have implemented a powerful system that takes care of your patient from A to Z, and allows you to run a stress-free ADHD Program that will also benefit your chiropractic practice through the "expert halo effect"
  • Know how to build an amazing perceived value for your program and price it in such a way that it will boost your income while prospective patient think it's a steal.
  • Own an efficient and failure-proof system to find, recruit, hire and train someone to become the Brain Coach for your ADHD Program and do most of the work for you.

Module 8
Launching Your Marketing, Branding and Positioning Strategy

Everything becomes easy and smooth when your marketing strategy is designed to be highly valuable and educational for your prospect, while also positioning you as an expert, maven and trusted advisor in your community. No more hard sales or scare tactics during Report-of-Findings, no more patient quitting before the end of your recommendation, and no more asking for referral that looks like pulling a teeth without anaesthetics.


Once you have completed this module, you will:

  • Have created and start executing a systematized marketing strategy that will bring to your doors prospective patients that are eager and begging to start your care and transform them into raving fans, while positioning you as an authority in your community.
  • A powerful online, web 2.0, social media-friendly strategy that will not only get prospective patient to know, like and trust you but also get you on the first page of Google for the majority of your targeted keywords, all on auto-pilot.
  • Have been revealed the single best tactic to position yourself as an expert and get flooded right away with new patient while still producing results over the long term (this tactic alone brought me 44 new patients in one week, leading to 84'150 in revenues for just the first 3 months of care; and all that from a mere 1500 dollars initial investment: a 56 times return on investment!)


Total Value of Training

Modules Topic Price
Module 1 Embodying the AWE Inner Game 249.60 USD
Module 2 Mastering the Science of ADHD 249.60 USD
Module 3 Understanding the ADHD Child 249.60 USD
Module 4 Producing Your AWE Blueprint 249.60 USD
Module 5 Mastering History and Clinical Exam 249.60 USD
Module 6 Mastering Clinical Management & Communication 249.60 USD
Module 7 Implementing your ADHD Turnkey Business System 249.60 USD
Module 8 Launching your Marketing & Positioning Strategy 249.60 USD




Every week – for 12 months – you get access to me for our 60 minutes Q&A Coaching Calls:

  • Get your question answered
  • Get your specific needs resolved
  • Brainstorm your application of the content
  • Share your successes
  • Bond and create a community of shared vision
  • Recordings of all previous coaching calls

Yes, you read correctly, each and every week, you'll be able to jump on the phone and access my ten years of experience doing this ADHD Wellness Program.

That is more than 50 coaching sessions!

Since I am available every week, you are never more than 6 days away from having me help you resolve your most pressing needs.

And best of all, you get special access to the recording of all the previous mentoring call sessions done in the history of AWE. You get dozens and dozens of the most frequently asked questions practically answered for you.

Total Value of Mentoring

Mentoring Item Price
Coaching 12 Months of Q&A Coaching Calls 2,400 USD




The Vault is everything done for you. You get everything I use in my clinic. You get my clinical documents, forms, questionnaires, rating scales, patient reports, patient clinical educational material, neurological brain-balancing protocols, nutritional and diet protocols, as well as my clinical compasses, the best of 10 years of clinical experience. You also get all my marketing material: educational articles, power point presentations, E-books, testimonials, press release template, PR and marketing guide, including online social media strategy. I also share with you my most important business systems such as A to Z Patient Follow-Up system and my "Brain Coach" Recruiting and Hiring system. And for all those of you who are library rats like me, you get access to dozens of scientific articles.

And best of all, if you want to, we even brand your material under our "Unritalin Solution's Brain Potential Center".


Referral-Booster Pack [3 ADHD Power Points complete with Webinar, PPT, Audio, Transcripts.]
  • Overcoming ADHD Naturally (with Promotional Flyer)
  • 14 Keys to Overcoming ADHD Naturally
  • Einstein – Learn Better Naturally
Patient-Magnet and Word-of-Mouth Explosion Pack
  • 8-pages Healing the Brain Naturally, part 1
  • 8-pages Healing the Brain Naturally, part 2
  • Attention-grabbing Patient Promo Letter
  • ADHD Program Flyer + Program Description
PVA-Booster Pack
  • ADHD Educational Kit (110 pages of clippings)
  • Dangers of ADHD Drugs
Lead Generator Pack
  • "ADHD Medications" e-book
  • "ADHD and Chiropractic" e-book
  • "7 Tips to overcome ADHD" e-book
Authority Positioning Pack
  • 10 Testimonials Kit
  • 6 Case Studies Kit
ADHD Children NP Tsunami Pack
  • AWE Completion Press Release
  • Public Relation Strategy Guide
Stress-free, Jacuzzi Expert Pack
  • Intake Questionnaires
  • Behavioral Questionnaires
  • ADHD Rating Scales
  • Clinical Evaluation File
  • Basic Lab Work Order Form
  • Advanced Functional Medicine Order Form
  • Preliminary ROF Form
  • SOAP Notes
  • 8-pages Sample Patient Report
Maven Brain Transplant Pack
  • History and Clinical Mastery Guide
  • Brain Wellness Lifestyle Guide
  • At-Home Neurological Brain-Balancing Guide
  • At-Home Unritalin Diet Guide
  • In-office Neurological Brain-Balancing Guide
  • In-Office Metabolic Balancing Guide
  • Clinical Compasses
Personal Perpetual ATM Machine Pack All my business and marketing systems:
  • ADHD Patient Follow-up System
  • Staff Hiring and Training System
  • Marketing and Positioning Guide

Total Value of the ADHD Wellness Expert Vault

Pack Topic Price
Pack 1 3x Referral-Booster Power Points 591 USD
Pack 2 Patient-Magnet and Word-of-Mouth Explosion 67 USD
Pack 3 2x PVA-Booster 54 USD
Pack 4 3x Lead Generator E-books 111 USD
Pack 5 2x Authority Positioning 194 USD
Pack 6 2x ADHD Children NP Tsunami 194 USD
Pack 7 Stress-free, Jacuzzi Expert 197 USD
Pack 8 Maven Brain Transplant 297 USD
Pack 9 Perpetual ATM Machine 197 USD



  • Lifetime access to Mentoring Experience content
  • Access to Mentoring Experience content updates
  • Interactive dynamics on Coaching Calls
  • Become a trained Unritalin Doctor
  • Brainstorming and Mastermind Forum

Your AWE Mentoring Experience is not just a time-limited training. It is also your opportunity to join a movement and community of dedicated and like-minded practitioners whose purpose is to position chiropractic and chiropractors as the only viable option for the million of children who are affected by the neurobehavioral disorders epidemic and who do not know where to turn for safe, natural and effective solutions.

The AWE Mentoring Experience is part of a bigger vision for our profession and is closely tied to another project – The Unritalin Solution – designed to educate the lay public about the role of chiropractic and natural strategies in the management of special needs children.

By joining the AWE movement, you will have the ability to get involved in something bigger than yourself and your practice and make a major contribution to humanity.

Total Value of ADHD Wellness Expert Community

Priceless! A wise man once said that it is not the destination that mattered, but the connection and relationship that you made along the journey. In AWE, we facilitate that process of relationship-building between members.

BUILT-IN ACCOUNTABILITY Helps you take action
  • Modules Syllabus – plan your learning
  • Modules Roadmap and Checklist – get organized
  • Modules actions – do things
  • Course Master Checklist
  • Enhanced accountability

If you have issues with productivity, organizing your time or the fact that your ADD / ADHD Brain might get you off course, fear no more, this bonus is for you.

The AWE Mentoring Experience is not an information dump. For every module, you will get a course syllabus that explains exactly what you need to learn and how long it is going to take, so that you can budget the proper amount of time each week. Then, at the end of the module, we have a "Take Action" section that gives you clear steps on what you need to do that week. You combine those instructions with your Module Roadmap and Checklist. The latter is divided into two types of actions: power actions that you must take and other actions that are optional. All you need to do is act, check the items on your list and, if you want greater accountability, fax me your Checklist so that I can follow your progress.

Bonus Value: 47 USD

3 MONTHS OF AWE MONTHLY FREE Stay at the top of your game
  • Scientific updates
  • Popular Press Clippings
  • Clinical Advances
  • Marketing Strategy and Tips
  • In-depth Webinars

If you have doubts about your ability to become an expert or your ability to acquire a high level of knowledge, expertise and experience, this bonus is for you.

I am not going to beat around the bush. As an expert you will need to stay on top of your game. But the reality is that, with about 400 to 500 new articles published every month in Pubmed about ADHD, dyslexia and autism alone, there is no way you want and can keep up. This is why I have created AWE Monthly. Every month, you'll keep immersing yourself with me in the ADHD world and I'll send you my digital brain transplant of:

  • Relevant scientific research
  • Relevant popular press (you get the news clipping)
  • Updates and advances on the way I manage my children
  • Monthly marketing strategy or tactic to further advance you on the road to being an Expert in your community

And 6 times per year, you get an in-depth webinar module on an advanced topic

Bonus Value: 147 USD

VIRTUAL WORKER CO-OP PROGRAM Peace-of-mind outsourcing for peanuts
  • Access my team at unbeatable price
  • Web developer
  • Writer
  • Researcher

Worried that you already have too much on your plate or that you are so technologically-challenged that you won't be able to handle the so-crucial online portion of our marketing strategy? Well, worry no more.

Thanks to my Virtual Worker Co-Op Program you will be able to access my team of web developer, researcher and writer at unbeatable price. There will be no need for you to worry about paying thousands of dollars for an American company to help you with your online strategy or getting screwed on your first few attempts at outsourcing to India or Pakistan. I've been there, done that. Need to set-up a blog or social media profiles specific to your ADHD program or want your online strategy run for you? No problemo. Thanks to this Co-Op program, you'll be able to "share" my team and only pay a small fraction of what it would cost you anywhere else.

Bonus Value: Priceless money saved


"I have to tell you that I have done a lot of seminars, workshops, training programs, coaching over the last 11 years and yours is definitely the most organized, thorough and well thought out program I have ever participated in. I love the guidance that you provide and love the ease of the checklists to know what to complete and what steps to take. Thank you."

Dr. Shaelyn Osborn

"Dr. Pauli is an amazing teacher, mentor, practitioner and an absolute unique individual with a heart of gold. He defines the phrase, under promised, over, way over delivered. You will learn more than you ever thought possible with a rock solid support from the best of the best. Feeling overwhelmed at times is a given when you sign-up for a program like this, however, Dr. Pauli takes every measure possible to help you overcome that and move on to the next step."

Dr. Marina Zare

"I love this brain-balancing program--thinking about what it can do for so many kids and families who currently have nowhere to turn just gives me Goosebumps. Thank you again for putting this together and being so generous with your time, ideas, and knowledge."

"I think the only way this program could be improved would be to have a direct brain transplant although that was pretty close. Thanks!"

Dr. Lois Flemming

"Outside of all else, I sincerely wanted to share my gratitude with you in designing and offering such an incredible project as the AWE has proven to be. It remains an absolute privilege to have been part of the inaugural class. You have more than met the expectations I had for this program. At the risk of sounding sensitive, from the bottom of my heart I Thank You"

Dr. Mark Kowalczuk, Canada

"My overall experience with the mentoring experience has been outstanding. Dr. Pauli has spent countless hours developing this program and making it very user friendly. He holds your hand through the entire process and really opens your eyes to the potential of this niche market that is desperately underserved. I would recommend this program to every Doctor of Chiropractic that wants to serve more ADHD Kids."

Dr. David Lask


ADHD Wellness Expert Training
Module 1 – Embodying the AWE Inner Game 249.60 USD
Module 2 – Mastering the Science of ADHD 249.60 USD
Module 3 – Understanding the ADHD Child 249.60 USD
Module 4 – Producing you're A.W.E Blueprint 249.60 USD
Module 5 – Mastering History and Clinical Exam 249.60 USD
Module 6 – Mastering Clinical Management and Communication 249.60 USD
Module 7 – Implementing your ADHD Turnkey Business System 249.60 USD
Module 8 – Launching your Marketing, Branding and Positioning Strategy 249.60 USD
ADHD Wellness Expert Mentoring
6 months of weekly calls access to me 2,400.00 USD
ADHD Wellness Expert Vault
Referral-Booster Pack (3 Power Points at 197 USD each) 591.00 USD
Patient-Magnet and Word-of-Mouth Explosion Pack 67.00 USD
PVA-Booster Pack (2 Press Clippings Pack at 27 USD each) 54.00 USD
Lead Generator Pack ( 3 customizable e-book at 37 USD each) 111.00 USD
Authority Positioning Pack (testimonials and case studies) 97.00 USD
ADHD Children NP Tsunami Pack (Press release) 97.00 USD
Stress-free, Jacuzzi Expert pack (forms and questionnaires) 197.00 USD
Maven Brain Transplant pack (clinical forms and protocols) 297.00 USD
Perpetual Personal ATM Machine Pack (business & marketing systems) 197.00 USD
Bonus 1 – Accountability 47.00 USD
Bonus 2 – 3 months of AWE Monthly 147.00 USD
Bonus 3 – Virtual Worker Co-Op Program hundreds, if not thousands of USD Savings

For the price you're charging - you're undercharging. The quality of the material is way beyond what you're charging for it. The material that you have in your program is worth probably between 15 and 20 seminars. So the cost is ridiculous compared to the benefit. I've probably made 8-10 times the money I invested in 4-5 months max.

Dr. Pierre Bernier, Canada
"Join the Awe Mentoring Experience Now" Option A - 1 Single Payment
Regular Price: $2,497 Add to Cart

Act Now!

Act now and be part of the early adopters. By joining now you only pay our charter price.

The 2497 USD is a charter member price and will only be available to the first 200 doctors to join the program. After that the price goes up.

Early adopters (first 200 docs) 2497 USD
Majority (201 doctors and beyond) 3497 USD

Special Fast Action Taker!

If you are part of the first 100 doctors to join the AWE Program, you will also get a free, lifetime listing in the referral section of the Unritalin Solution website. For others, it will be 97 USD per year to be listed.

If you are part of the first 50 doctors to join, you will get a very special bonus. I will offer you a private, one-on-one, 30 minutes coaching call with me. This is another 175 USD value.


Thousands and thousands of desperate families out-there are in dire needs of our services. Some children are literally dying from the side-effect of drugs. Our work is of fundamental importance. Our time is precious also. Every minute lost on administrative tasks is a minute lost serving a child whose life may depend on it. This is why I am only accepting doctors who are committed to the process and to making a difference. I am not interested in people "checking it out" and then draining our energy.

I want to make sure of two things:

  • First that you are a good fit for this Experience
  • Second, that you are successful in implementing it.

This is why I am offering my special "Make sure it's for you – Make it work 5x guarantee".

This guarantee gives you the opportunity to get in touch with me if needed to discuss whether the Mentoring Experience is really for you. And secondly, if you have done everything I ask you to do in the program and that my system still does not allow you to succeed to the level you want or still has not met your expectations, I will coach and mentor you personally until we get that program working for you until you make at least five times the return on your initial investment.


Is this program for me?

Trust your heart on this one. The great majority of people who join the AWE Mentoring Experience knew within seconds that this is what they had been hoping for, looking for and longing for. If that's your case, then join now.

If you heart tells you to join but that you have special circumstances that make you hesitant, then I suggest you get in touch with me to discuss your situation, to see whether the Mentoring Experience is for you, and whether the timing is right. Please send me an email to drpauli @ neurofit.ch with "Is the Mentoring Experience for me" in the subject line. We will then organize a way to get in touch.

I am not sure I have what it takes to become an expert?

I can definitely understand that feeling because I also felt that way at first. But let me share two secrets that I teach in Module 1. The first one was taught to me by marketing genius Jay Abraham. He said that Mavens were just real, ordinary people who decide to take on extraordinary meaning in their markets, industries or fields. Listen, I am the most ordinary guy you could ever meet. It is the system that I have created that has allowed me to take extraordinary meaning in my community. You will be able to do the same. The second secret comes from Principle 7 of the 12 Principles of Mavenship that I teach. Principle 7 states that Mavens are made not born. Mavenship is a process of becoming. You just need to be willing to step out, claim your expertise and appoint yourself as a Maven, without expecting anyone to knight you into Maven status. And my program will definitely help you do that.

Will it take a lot of time and effort?

Well what do you think? I would be lying if I told you that you just needed to push a button, go to bed and wake up a ADHD Maven. Obviously, you will have to invest time and effort at first. You will have to go through a steep learning curve. There are even times when some of you might feel overwhelmed or frustrated. But this is a normal part of the process. That being said, I have created a system that will do a lot of the work for you. When you join the Mentoring Experience, you not only get access to my knowledge, you also get access to all my clinical, communication, business and marketing system. Everything is done for you, from clinical forms and questionnaires, to power point presentations and articles, to press releases, to system checklists. If you have a staff, a huge part of the ADHD Wellness Program can be done by your staff. You will have in your hands a Program that has been perfected over 10 years. When I started, it took me almost a year before I saw my first ADHD patient and two years until I hired a Brain Coach. Some of the participants saw their first ADHD or autistic patients within two months of starting the program and hired a Brain Coach within three months.

Do I need to purchase expensive equipment or learn a new technique?

The true and transparent answer to that is yes and no. The Mentoring Experience is not technique-dependent, so you will not need to learn a new technique if you do not want to. That being said, I will teach you ways to tweak your current adjusting to make it more neurologically relevant. I will also teach some cranial work. And I will also teach you some evaluative methods that are based on muscle testing. But it will be up to you to decide whether you want to incorporate that or not. As far as equipment is concerned, it will depend to which depth you want to go with the course. It will depend whether you just want to keep doing what you do with your patient and just upgrade their healing experience or whether you plan to create a full-blown ADHD Wellness Program. Bottom line, you can take the training and apply it successfully without any additional purchase. That being said, there are two pieces of equipment that I strongly recommend as centrepiece that cost around 500 USD. After that, there are many optional types of equipment that I point you too, but always provide free alternatives to those. What many of the participants have done is to get there program started, make some money, and re-invest part of that money in further equipment.

I am busy and have already so much on my plate, is it a wise choice to join now?

Frankly, if you are busy, spinning your wheels, running around moving thin air but getting nothing done, and if that is just who you are in general, then you need to think twice before joining. That being said, if you are busy and not advancing as you wish because you do not have the proper implementation strategy and accountability, then joining the Mentoring Experience is a no-brainer. Thanks to the built-in accountability system, it will be really easy to follow the "take action" step-by-step process that I have created for you. It is easy to follow – especially more so since you get access to many done-for-you items – and will make you more productive that you thought possible.

I have ADD/ADHD myself and I am not sure if I will be able to stay focused?

First of all, if you and/or a loved one have ADHD, then you need to join the program so that you can help yourself and/or them. What you learn will be able to help you manage your ADHD better or even heal from it. Moreover, as I have explained in the previous FAQ question, I have created a no-brained accountability and implementation system that makes it easy for any one to take the appropriate action steps.

How is your program different from chiropractic neurology or Carrick Courses?

Chiropractic neurology, and especially courses from the Carrick Institute, are phenomenal and I have taken some of them in the past. They teach neurology at an in-depth level. But frankly, having gone through them myself and having talked to many people who had taken them, you get a lot of theory that is not easy to apply practically. Those courses take years to master and to be able to apply (at least for average guys like me). But even after you have mastered the skills, it does not even mean that you're going to be able to create a successful practice around it. The Mentoring Experience is grounded in the principles of chiropractic neurology. But I teach you those principles at a more superficial level that makes them easily implementable in your practice. Moreover, all those principles and knowledge is "protocolized" and systematized. You can just take it and plug-it in your current patient care. On top of all that, I give you my complete business and marketing system, as well as the psychology and inner game of becoming a Maven. With the Mentoring Experience you get a really complete training grounded in what really matters for daily practice.

This is what one of our participants, a Diplomate in Neurology since 1997, had to say about his experience:

"I am a neurology Diplomate and have already worked with kids with hyperactivity and autism. Not only did I learn a lot in the Mentoring Experience, but the step-by-step structure made it easy to implement in the office. By simply following the program I saved at least 8 to 10 months of implementation to create my own program"

Dr. Denis Alemi, DC, DACNB