Topic: Chiropractic Marketing Strategy

  Is it this hard to get new patients this days?   Well, not really if you are offering something unique that helps solve the problems people have and for which they have not been able to find a viable solution. In the ADHD Wellness Expert Mentoring Experience, I teach that the best career move…

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In the upcoming weeks, I will start sharing with you a lot of the things I have done to attract a regular flow of eager-to-start-care ADHD children. For the last three years, we have had a 2-3 months waiting list for our ADHD Wellness Program. But our success is only partially due to the "things"…

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Jul 10

The Ethical Expert

Being an expert gives you tremendous advantage over your competition. But did you know that being an expert does some strange things to the brain of people listening to you? Check out my latest video to find out how.   Length: 15 minutes   So how does the strategy of pre-eminence apply in your marketing?…

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