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  Is it this hard to get new patients this days?   Well, not really if you are offering something unique that helps solve the problems people have and for which they have not been able to find a viable solution. In the ADHD Wellness Expert Mentoring Experience, I teach that the best career move…

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As a Doctor of Chiropractic, it would probably never occur to you to evaluate for subluxation based only on the complaints of the patient. Imagine the situation: the patient tells you how they feel and, without doing any kind of palpation (motion or static), x-ray, surface EMG, technique-specific evaluative protocol, or any other type of…

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If you want to start seing more ADHD children, you should make a conscious effort of educating your current patients that you can help. With 1 out of 6 children suffering from some form of neurocomportemental disorder, almost anyone knows someone who you could help. Take action now by following these simple steps: 1. Download…

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This week, we continue with the 5 final KEY INDICATOR QUESTIONS:   6. Does the mother have amalgam fillings?   50% of amalgam fillings is mercury, one of the most potent neurotoxins on Earth. Studies have shown that mercury slowly, but surely, leaks out of amalgams over time. And that mercury can pass the transplacental…

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In your comprehensive health history, there are 10 questions you should never forget to ask because they can start pointing you to some of the causes or participating factors of ADHD and other neurobehavioral disorders. I call them the 10 Key Indicator Questions. Today, I want to share the first 5 with you:   1….

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Check out this video on how to do a killer ADHD New Patient consultation that will lead you to be the absolute ADHD trusted advisor in your patients' mind   Length: 7 minutes.   Got any questions on the process? Ask them by commenting on the blog.

Watch this video where I reveal my 14 steps clinical Blueprint to get great and consistent results with ADHD patients   Length: 10 minutes   Please share with others or comment on the blog.

Great advice on what you can do to start seeing more ADHD patients in your practice.   Length: 8 minutes

Watch how the "ADHD Wellness Expert Mentoring Experience" will help you grow your practice while taking care of more children and adults with disconnected brains.   Click here to get more details about the Mentoring Experience      

Apr 10

WNL Call Notes

Get the most out of your Wednesday Night Live Call with Drs David Fletcher and Yannick Pauli "Becoming a trusted advisor – Focus on ADHD"     Click here to download the notes        

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