In your comprehensive health history, there are 10 questions you should never forget to ask because they can start pointing you to some of the causes or participating factors of ADHD and other neurobehavioral disorders.

I call them the 10 Key Indicator Questions.

Today, I want to share the first 5 with you:


1. Has the mother undergone significant emotional stress during pregnancy?

Maternal emotional stress during pregnancy can affect the proper developement of the fetus' nervous system and sensitize him to later stresses in life. If the mother answers yes to this question, you want to investigate further how the child is handling stress. From a care plan perspective, you need to reduce stress in the child's bodymind and start teaching him or her stress-hadling strategies.

2. Has the child suffered a stressful birth or even birth trauma
(including C–section, use of forceps and/or vacuum,
lots of pulling/twisting on the head, …)?

As a chiropractor, you have a true unique understanding of the value of this question. You know how birth trauma can subluxate the child. Make sure you put special attention on the upper cervical, cranium and meningeal system in your chiropractic exam.

3. Was the child born differently than with natural, vaginal birth?

The birth process triggers important neurological, primitive reflexes in the newborn. If the mother answers no to this questions, you want to perform an in-depth neurological evaluation of the child to ascertain whether primitive reflexes have been properly inhibited.

4. Did the baby cry at the moment of delivery?

Not crying at the moment of delivery can be a sign of brain hypoxia. If the mother answers no to this question, a complete neurological exam is warranted.

5. Did the baby have “cradle cap” or “milk crust” (neonatal seborrhea dermatitis)?

Craddle cap can be a sign of casein intolerance (casein is the protein of dairy products). If the mother answers yes to this question you will want to investigate further whether the child is suffering from food intolerances, especially to casein. You can do that by using muscle testing, food IgG assay or even an elimination diet.


Next week, I will share with you the next 5 questions.

As always, comment or ask your questions on the blog.

Dr. P

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