Is it this hard to get new patients this days?


Well, not really if you are offering something unique that helps solve the problems people have and for which they have not been able to find a viable solution.

In the ADHD Wellness Expert Mentoring Experience, I teach that the best career move and best strategy you can make as a chiropractor to start seing more patients, earning more and getting more prestige is to become an expert.

Not that you need to have a complete specialty practice, but that you at least become an expert in one specific topic. You basically need to find a niche and serve that niche with excellence.

There are 6 criteria to finding a great niche. One of them is to find a niche where the prevalence of people with the specific problem you can help solve is increasing year after year.

And this is why specializing in ADHD is so great. Because the prevalence of the diagnosis is increasing.

Last month, a new report published by the Center for Disease Control showed that the prevalence of parent-reported ADHD in children had increased by 21.8% between 2003 and 2007.

That's an additional 1 million children that's get added to the already 4.5 million children diagnosed with ADHD in the United States alone.

So, if you want to increase the number of people you want to serve, stop looking in the wrong places.

Many chiropractors have been telling me that the times are difficult and it's tougher than ever to get patients in.

In my ADHD program, my next available assesment appointment is in 11 weeks from now!

Don't be like the guy who dropped the keys of his car in a dark place and is looking for them under a streetlight because that's where he can see something.

Look for your keys where they are. Look for patients where they are.

I'd challenge you to take the upcoming new year to revisit your vision as a chiropractor, make a firm commitment to become an expert and join us in our movement to help solve the problems of millions of children.

Dr. Pauli


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