The Vision

Becoming part of ADHD Wellness Expert is not like taking another course. It is about becoming a leader in a new grassroot movement to position chiropractic and chiropractors as the only viable option for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. See the Vision. Become part of the Vision.

The Mentoring Experience

Our signature program to help you put more PEP back into your practice: more Patients, more Earnings and more Prestige. We take struggling and surviving Chiropractic Spine First General Practitioners and transform them into growing and prosperous Brain First Prestigious Experts.

Our Services

Becoming an expert and trusted advisor in your community is not as hard as it sounds once you know what you want to become and have a strategic and effective action plan to get you there. We've got the map and the compass for you.










Check out this ABC News report as Dr Carrick once again create some miracle results for patients who had been given up upon by the conventional medical system.












May 12

Define Better

What does getting better really mean in the medical management of ADHD?


Check out this thought-provoking video and enjoy the beat!



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